Tips to Make Fake Doctors Note for Abortion Believable

11 Jun

ID-10034033If you are convinced you want to use a fake doctors note for abortion, then it implies you cannot access real doctor’s note before or during the abortion, or you just want others to believe you have had abortion. Whatever be your motive, the idea is that the note you are presenting to your boss is not from a real doctor and you want him to believe it is, so you can be excused from work.

Well, it may sound logical to use fake doctor’s note template if you cannot get a real doctor to sign for you, or you cannot afford the cost. However, it is important that you apply the tips below to make your note believable.

pregnantConsider your body language before hand – to have an abortion means you already must have been pregnant. If you can act as someone who is pregnant before submitting the fake doctor’s note, you are more likely to be believed. You must be a good actress to choose this method.

The note should have the vital medical information – you don’t just submit any type of excuse note as medical excuse. To prove you have an abortion, the note must have the basic medical information and details. Another site you might want to check out for a doctor’s note is

The note must look professional – A fake doctor’s note for abortion note need to look professional in the sense that it should be assumed to come from a licensed doctor or gynecologist. The doctor’s details and contact should be there, and the format should all be like a real doctor’s note.

The note should come with back up evidenceIf need be, you should also provide supporting evidence like a fake ultrasound to reinforce your fake story. However, it is better to reconsider this motive if you cannot convince others about your pregnancy.

Conclusively, remember, if you are caught with a fake doctor’s note for abortion, it could mean a lot of trouble for you in the work place and in the eyes of those who have trusted you. The law may also punish you for deception and forgery.

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